I was born in Texas but have lived in California, Thailand, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  Sister to nine younger siblings. Daughter to two wonderful parents. Wife to an amazing artist/author/scientist, fabulous cook, supportive partner and all around best everything (not bragging). Mom to sweet little baby Jacques Pablo as of May 2015. An artist and a lover, practitioner and teacher of yoga. 

Yoga Philosophy

I believe that yoga takes us from the busy places we find ourselves in daily, weekly, (yes, even yearly) schedules and in our cluttered, stressed minds and brings us to a place of stillness. A place where the breath can calm us and connect our mind and body together. From that place of connection we are able to slowly build strength and flexibility not only in our bodies but also in our minds. The more we practice yoga the more we find a connection of mind – body  – breath – spirit growing stronger, enabling and empowering us to do more than we usually think possible.

My yoga classes and sequences are Hatha based with little bits of Yin, power and even HIIT training thrown in. I want there to be something  for each person based on the type of day and circumstances they might be experiencing. My goal with teaching and sharing yoga is that I will help people to find yoga that suits them, that makes them feel great.

Art and Creativity Philosophy

Creativity is in all of us. Creativity is all around us, it is the beauty that makes up the lovely moments in our days. I feel that for me art has been a calling hard to brush aside, it isn’t always easy but it has to be done. It calls to me. A response from within me to the Creator. And so I do the work. Like yoga, making art is a discipline.I try in my way to create my own kind of beauty pulled from what I experience in life.

I paint mostly in acrylics and watercolors, occasionally dabbling or experimenting with other mediums. I love painting flowers and plants because I love colors and textures and the beauty that the natural world has to offer. I want to catch it with my brush so that people see it and gain a new appreciation of the plants and flowers themselves.

                                      Thanks for stopping by I hope you find times of stillness and moments of beauty today.

- Rachel