I was born in Texas but have lived in California, Thailand, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  Sister to nine younger siblings. Daughter to two wonderful parents. Wife to an amazing artist/author/scientist, fabulous cook, supportive partner and all around best everything (not bragging). Mom to sweet little Jacques Pablo as of May 2015. 

I began painting as a child, minored in painting at Cleveland State University and have since had a hodge podge of classes and a lot of self led learning.

My belief is that creativity is in and around all of us, it is the beauty that makes up the lovely moments in our days. For me art has been a calling hard to brush aside, it isn’t always easy to make time for but It calls to me. A response from within me to a Creator. I try in my way to create my own kind of beauty pulled from what I experience in life.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you find times of stillness and moments of beauty today.

- Rachel